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Any of a group of DNA-containing viruses that cause conjunctivitis and upper respiratory tract infections in humans.

[adeno(id) + virus (from its having first been found in adenoid tissue).]

ad′e·no·vi′ral adj.


relating to an adenovirus
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We have completed a Phase I study that demonstrated the safety of our adenoviral vectored product and elicited a strong immune response to key antigens in 100% of the dogs treated.
Intrexon said it plans to integrate and expand upon GenVec's expertise in adenoviral vectors and cGMP drug product manufacturing to enhance its broad gene transfer capabilities that encompass multiple viral and non-viral platforms.
Through the acquisition of GenVec's AdenoVerse technology and transfer of its accomplished team, Intrexon will create the next generation of adenoviral (AdV) delivery with a higher payload capacity through a scalable manufacturing platform utilizing helper-dependent adenovirus to further advance the field of gene-based medicine by enabling delivery of multiple therapeutic effectors that is not possible with current viral delivery systems.
With the addition of GenVec's AdenoVerse technology and accomplished team, Intrexon intends to create the next generation of adenoviral (AdV) delivery with significantly higher payload capacity that exceeds 30kb, as compared to current viral delivery methods ranging from 4.
The eight selections that make up the main body of the text are devoted to adenovirus biology and development as a gene delivery vector, innate and adaptive immune responses to adenovirus, helper-dependent adenoviral vectors for cell and gene therapy, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Objective: To compare the efficacy of classical treatment and povidone-iodine treatment for adenoviral conjunctivitis.
Internalisation is then promoted through an adenoviral penton base which recognises integrins on the cell surface and results in the formation of endosomes14.
Fifty-one distinct human adenoviral serotypes have been described, (1) which are classified into 6 sub-genera (A-F).
Enfeksiyonun subakut doneminde ortaya cikabilen subepitelyal infiltratlar, adenoviral antijenlere karsi olusan immun yanit ve epitel hasari sonucunda keratositlerden kemokin salinimi sonucu gelismekte, aylar yada yillar boyunca sebat edebilmekte ve gorme keskinliginde azalmaya neden olabilmektedir.
ADENOVIRAL CONJUNCTIVITIS is highly contagious for family, friends and coworkers.
The cause of his death in March 2013 was given as acute aspiration of stomach contents due to adenoviral gastroenteritis.