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Very skilled or accomplished. See Synonyms at proficient.
n. (ăd′ĕpt′)
A highly skilled person; an expert: "political consequences in getting rid of all the skeptics, unbelievers, and adepts of rival faiths" (Gene Lyons).

[Latin adeptus, past participle of adipīscī, to attain : ad-, ad- + apīscī, to grasp.]

a·dept′ly adv.
a·dept′ness n.


[əˈdeptlɪ] ADVcon acierto or habilidad


[əˈdɛptli] adv [exploit, communicate] → d'une manière experte
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Although JKB has adeptly managed its balance sheet in the face of elevated credit and geopolitical risks-aided by a prudent regulatory and supervisory framework-CI Ratings notes that the Bank's FSR is increasingly pressured by Jordan's Sovereign Rating and Outlook.
Meanwhile with her soaring voice, Jenkins, in her numbers including What's the Use of Wondering, adeptly conveys the confusions of love of a woman who can't stop loving a man in such pain.
This mean that homeowners must respond adeptly and contact a specialist if they suspect a bed bug issue in their home.
He has adeptly injected his concerns about income inequality and political corruption into the public discourse.
She adeptly managed First Hawaiian's network of branches and ATMs and formed numerous partnerships to better serve our customers.
Students will have the opportunity to work with real-case scenarios and Thales will benefit from new resources, skills and visions in order to solve major technical challenges and follow trends and market demands more adeptly.
Hafeez handled all of England's bowlers adeptly in his six-hour innings.
Werner adeptly fixes the radio, and when the Nazis discover his technical skills, he is invited to attend an elite military school.
The daring stunt was performed adeptly by Uppal, who collected two flags, whereas, Ajaz and Tandon managed to score one flags each.
Sherief Elkatsha's boisterous docu "Cairo Drive" is a bitingly comical portrait of the capital as seen through the pandemonium of its roads, adeptly balancing wit, irony, contradiction, exasperation and fatalism--the very qualities that characterize the city's residents.
The rhythmic games of the scherzo were adeptly hopscotched, clarinets in the finale were as cheeky as in passages of Mahler - and in this movement's fugues we heard a thematic anticipation of the magnificent Elijah, premiered by Mendelssohn in this very room in 1846.
With chapters on babies' rooms, rooms for girls, boys, shared bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas and outside space (and drawing on a wealth of inspiration from the homes of real families, with real kids) the book adeptly demonstrates that you can have a family and well designed home at the same time.