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 (ăd-hē′sĭv, -zĭv)
1. Tending to adhere; sticky.
2. Gummed so as to adhere.
3. Tending to persist; difficult if not impossible to shake off: "He feels an adhesive dread, a sudden acquaintance with the ... darker side of mankind" (George F. Will).
A substance, such as paste or cement, that provides or promotes adhesion.

ad·he′sive·ly adv.
ad·he′sive·ness n.
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Failure can occur either adhesively at any of the three sample interfaces or cohesively In any of the four bulk materials.
The technology consists of metamaterials, and can be adhesively applied on existing surfaces such as cockpit windows or windshields.
It was found that anionic polymers (Carbopol and SCMC) exhibited better adhesively than the neutral polymers (HPMC and MC) while with the anionic polymer formulations, acceptable mucoadhesive properties and reasonable release rates of nicotinamide were achieved.
Standard test method for apparent shear strength of single-lap-joint adhesively bonded metal specimens by tension loading (metal-to-metal).
If the covering of the FORMULA-1 circuit complex was covered by adhesively fixed modern photovoltaic cells, then 1.
One in four car windshields is adhesively bonded using Sika products.
The panels butt up against one another in a simple jig," says Ali, "and are adhesively bonded, with mechanical fasteners used in tear-prone areas.
When comparing the wear performance of different composites in this study, it seems that adhesively worn samples against Cr-steel showed highest wear rates and the CoFs at the end part of the test were mainly influenced by the copper matrix and did not depend so much on the type or amount of dispersed particles than in the beginning of wear.
Advances in modeling and design of adhesively bonded systems.
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