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 (ăd′ē-ə-băt′ĭk, ā′dī-ə-)
Of, relating to, or being a reversible thermodynamic process that occurs without gain or loss of heat and without a change in entropy.

[From Greek adiabatos, impassable : a-, not; see a-1 + diabatos, passable (dia-, dia- + batos, passable, from bainein, to go; see gwā- in Indo-European roots).]

ad′i·a·bat′i·cal·ly adv.


in an adiabetic manner
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It requires two reforming stages that are both operated adiabatically so that the system can be kept simple and compact.
Then combustion products are cooled adiabatically in the adiabatic part to thermal and moisture balance at the temperature of wet-bulb thermometer, and then they are cooled to the temperature of [t.
The ventilation air leaving the ERV (state 1') is mixed with the return air adiabatically.
In these reactions, the released energy is not adiabatically damped into the heat bath of the surrounding medium but rather is stored in an excited state of the product; decay from this excited state to the ground state is associated with light emission" [40].
Planck-Einstein's formulation of relativistic thermodynamics considered the scenario that the black body is adiabatically accelerated to a speed (Treder, 1977).
The adiabatic saturation temperature is the temperature obtained by moist air when it is adiabatically brought to saturation by the evaporation of liquid water.
Going from one global density to another, by using equivalent method, the vehicles were adiabatically added (or eliminated) to the already homogeneous or blocked state.
On their journey towards the equator, the Jet obtain their cool and adiabatically drying climatological conditions as they traverse over the cold upwelling Somali waters (Fig.