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During a clinical situation of ECS, anorexia and adipsia due to the severe pain might cause a depletion of extracellular fluid with loss of body water, although with small loss of electrolytes (8).
Much of the support for the hypothalamic role in food and water intake regulation derives from the observation that lesions in dorsolateral hypothalamus produce aphasia and adipsia, whereas, electrical stimulation of this region elicits ingestive behavior.
Com a progressao do quadro, o paciente pode manifestar anorexia, adipsia, depressao, vomitos, diarreia, taquipneia, dor, distensao abdominal (FELDMAN & NELSON, 1996), desidratacao, pirexia (CHASTAIN, 1981) e, em casos mais avancados, halito cetonico, alteracoes respiratorias compensatorias (respiracao de Kussmaul) e alteracoes no SNC, desde sonolencia, torpor, confusao mental ate estabelecimento de estado de coma profundo (FOSSFREITAS & FOSS, 2003).