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An almost horizontal entrance to a mine.

[Latin aditus, access, from past participle of adīre, to approach : ad-, ad- + īre, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]


(Mining & Quarrying) an almost horizontal shaft into a mine, for access or drainage
[C17: from Latin aditus an approach, from adīre, from ad- towards + īre to go]


(ˈæd ɪt)

a nearly horizontal passage leading into a mine.
[1595–1605; < Latin aditus an approach]
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Noun1.adit - a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mineadit - a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine
mine - excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted
passage - a way through or along which someone or something may pass
References in classic literature ?
What all these passages are, of course I cannot say, but we thought that they must be the ancient workings of a mine, of which the various shafts and adits travelled hither and thither as the ore led them.
But when she tried to sell the house in Tilewright Close, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent, seven years later, she and her husband Richard discovered there were two adits - entrances to mines - running close by.
Samples from the vicinity of the El Paso adit returned assay values of 2 ppb, 9 ppb and 149 ppb Au.
Rare Earths recently received the approval to re-open the Last Chance northern adit to allow for the retrieval of up to 2,500 short tons of metallurgical sample material from the adit and a historic surface stockpile.
Students at three North colleges will soon get access to hi-tech IT learning and resources after the first broadband services contract was awarded by Adit North-East.
We estimate that the opening of the Last Chance existing adits will save the company approximately $6 million and reduce our development time by at least three years, which places us well ahead of our peers and well on our way of executing our strategy of providing a complete domestic supply chain solution of critical rare earths which are made in America.
Based on the preliminary plan, the development method will be an adit or adits driven to the ore body to provide access and raises will be used to develop the ore.
The locations of the two decline adits have been determined based on the results of 29,115 m of diamond drilling completed between 2003 and October 2005 in 129 holes along 2.
Also during 2005, the Company erected a gold recovery plant in the Manganeso area to process underground bulk samples from the decline adits and cross drift adits.
The three adits occur over a strike length of 250 metres (m) in that area of the Boss Extension where abundant copper oxide mineralization is exposed in outcrop (see news release dated May 15, 2008).
Our Chinese partner has done excellent exploration work to date in the form of adit sampling and surface mapping.
Old maps show the mine has three adits; the lower adit originally had 2500 feet of tunnel with three veins showing; the middle adit had 2550 feet of tunnel, showing two veins, and the upper adit was shown to be caved.