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1. Close to; lying near: adjacent cities.
2. Next to; adjoining: adjacent garden plots.

[Middle English, from Latin adiacēns, adiacent-, present participle of adiacēre, to lie near : ad-, ad- + iacēre, to lie; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

ad·ja′cent·ly adv.
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Novotel Beijing Sanyuan and Ibis Beijing Sanyuan are adjacently located in prime locations in Chaoyang District, Beijing's central business area, also known as CBD, which serves as a hub where multinational companies and foreign embassy compounds are based.
The area has successfully established itself as a hub for power stations, with Rye House Power Station run by Scottish Power located adjacently.
The slices from the different altitudes were then arranged adjacently in an image file.
Adjacently, social activists launched social media campaigns that alerted the public about the importance of respect, critical analysis of content received and the social history that binds them with the neighbouring countries.
Key statement: The strip is formed of a single layer including a first layer arranged in a tire innermost layer or composite layers of the first layer and a second layer disposed adjacently to a carcass ply and made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition.
All adjacently located along major pathways and densely populated area in the university (canteen).
Soil samples from 0-20 cm were collected from three land uses such as arable land, pasture, and adjacently located forest.
The majority of bird species are bicarotid and the two carotid arteries run adjacently within the osteomuscular canal (cervical carotid canal), along the ventral surface of the cervical vertebrae (Baumel et al.
Elaine, a Pakeha who lives on Maori land with her husband who is Maori, pointed out that Pakeha and Maori lived adjacently and met in everyday activities without racial disharmony.
Joint probability, p(x,y) is estimated by counting the number of times where x is adjacently followed by y, and normalized by N, too.
An adjacency pair is defined as a sequence of two utterances which are adjacently placed and produced by different speakers (Sacks and Jefferson 521; Schegloff and Sacks 295).