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 (ə-dŏp′tē, ə-dŏp-tē′)
One, such as a child, that is or has been adopted.


(ə dɒpˈti, ˌæd ɒp-)

a person who is adopted.
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Noun1.adoptee - someone (such as a child) who has been adoptedadoptee - someone (such as a child) who has been adopted
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"


n (esp US) → Adoptivkind nt
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Adoptees would have access to the papers - but would have to agree to respect the wishes of their natural parents if they had asked never to be contacted.
I've spent 15 years working on this series on adoptees and their families," said Chang.
Many adoptees wind up wanting to know the entire story behind their adoption at some point in their lives.
La chaEne a souligne que plusieurs cadres parmi les Freres refusent desormais les politiques adoptees et le recours a la violence, d'oE la naissance d'un mouvement baptise [beaucoup moins que]Freres sans violence[beaucoup plus grand que] regroupant plus de 1400 membres jusqu'a present.
D'apres des diplomates proches du dossier, il s'agit de la resolution la plus musclee a etre adoptee au niveau de l'AG depuis le debut de la crise Syrienne en mars 2011, dans la mesure oE ce texte se felicite de la creation, le 11 novembre dernier, de la CNS, qu'il presente comme un "interlocuteur valable et representatif necessaire a toute transition politique".
It was then possible to group them into two categories: accounts of experiences of situations in which the Swedishness of the adoptee had been questioned and accounts of the effort involved successfully to identify with the birth culture.
A growing number of adoptees, now in the thousands, are turning to DNA testing companies in hopes of piecing together the puzzles of their beginnings.
The new law, if approved, will make her name automatically available to the adoptee in the records, unless she asks that it be shielded.
uk/ In the case of the GRO register, there is a registration fee of pounds 15 for an adoptee, and pounds 25 for birth families.
In response, UMD officials hope to roll out a new course on "The Adoptee Experience" as early as next year, Shinagawa says.
When adoption is planned for a child from a country of high or intermediate hepatitis endemicity, persons who will have close personal contact with the adoptee during the first 60 days following arrival of the adoptee in the United States should be identified.