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a. Characteristic of or having to do with adoption.
b. Related by adoption: "increased honesty and sharing between birth families, adoptive families and adoptees" (Robyn S. Quinter).
2. Being a place that one has moved to or resettled in: our adoptive city. See Usage Note at adopt.

a·dop′tive·ly adv.


in an adoptive manner; by adoption
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The study authors concluded that by enhancing cytokine/chemokine production, promoting T cell persistence, as well as decreasing PD-1 expression, RORgamma agonists provide an effective means to enhance the potency of adoptively transferred T cell products.
After laser immunotherapy, rats were resistant to tumor rechallenge and developed immunity, which could be adoptively transferred.
Though Fossile and Townley part ways, the child provides an abiding link between them, belonging genetically to one, adoptively to the other.