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a. Characteristic of or having to do with adoption.
b. Related by adoption: "increased honesty and sharing between birth families, adoptive families and adoptees" (Robyn S. Quinter).
2. Being a place that one has moved to or resettled in: our adoptive city. See Usage Note at adopt.

a·dop′tive·ly adv.


in an adoptive manner; by adoption
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Inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokine generation by CTLA4-Ig in the skin and colon of mice adoptively transplanted with CD45RBhi CD4+ T cells correlates with suppression of psoriasis and colitis.
6] purified CD4+ T cells were adoptively transferred to naive C3H mice via tail vein injection.
After laser immunotherapy, rats were resistant to tumor rechallenge and developed immunity, which could be adoptively transferred.
Effect of miracidial dose on adoptively transferred resistance to Schistosoma mansoni in the snail intermediate host, Biomphalaria glabrata.