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Adj.1.adpressed - pressed close to or lying flat against somethingadpressed - pressed close to or lying flat against something; "adpressed hairs along the plant's stem"; "igneous rocks...closely appressed by this force"-L.V.Pirsson
close - at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other; "close to noon"; "how close are we to town?"; "a close formation of ships"
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This lack of guide rails is not matched in any other asclepiads except, to some extent, in Fockea: in Fockea the margins of the anthers are laterally closely adpressed to one another and are lignified toward the base, but they do not form a guide rail.
Colouration of carapace blackish, dorsum covered with diminutive hairs adpressed to surface, with numerous long brown bristles on anterior part of eye field.
2F) with median area of short, adpressed, spine-like microtrichia and setae distally, labrum with pair of setae, buccula and labial segments with symmetrical pattern of setae, truncate tip of labium with short sensilla (Fig.
22), second third spine longest, reaching posteriorly to bases of rays 1-3-4 of second dorsal fin when adpressed ([bar.
The stem is swelled like a thick bulb, the leaves are dense, a bit succulent, and covered with a kind of raw velvet formed by the adpressed scales, which when dry form a yellowish surface.
Theraneis napoana new species, described from Ecuador has the scutellum black with the apical third yellow, the anterior pronotal lobe shiny black, and densely clothed with adpressed silvery pubescence intermixed with erect hairs (except the collar), and the posterior lobe of pronotal disk has a wide longitudinal median band of adpressed silvery pubescence.
Carapace covered in adpressed colourless hairs, with long brown bristles near eyes and some whitish hairs on eye field.
Leaves many, forming a dense rosette, more or less secund and twisted, rigid, to 10 cm long, the adaxial ones with asymmetrical keel, densely covered with cinereous adpressed trichomes; sheaths 1.
75[degrees]; protoconch sunken and apex thus appearing truncated; suture indented, but somewhat adpressed, narrowly channelled, inserted at level of subperipheral cord, but descending below this just prior to outer lip; outer lip with well-developed subterminal varix.
Maxillary barbels extending posteriorly from below middle of eyes to slightly beyond them, their anterior halves when adpressed accommodated by deep postlabial groove.
8 cm wide at the base, 2-5 mm thick near the base, strongly coriaceous, subspreading-arcuate, distinctly channeled mainly toward the base, dark red, abaxially conspicuously nerved and densely adpressed and coarsely whitelepidote, trichomes concentrated along the intercostal zone and not at all obscuring the blade color, adaxially glabrous, margins erect to suberect, densely spinose at the base to laxly spinose toward the apex, spines narrowly-triangular, acicular, spreading (basal ones) to antrorse-uncinate (the apical ones), castaneous toward the apex, glabrous, 2-3 mm long, 1-1.
Body broad, robust (Figs 1-3); body surface covered by wide, stiff, curved hairs set on long, wart-like tubercles (Figs 5, 6); abdominal venter covered with short, adpressed hairs.