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See kidult.

[Blend of adult and adolescent.]


an adult who is still actively interested in youth culture
aimed at or suitable for adultescents
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From Adultescents to Zoomers: An Examination of Age and Gender in Prime-Time Television.
Like Kevin the Teenager times two, Dale and Brennan are the ultimate adultescents, sulking in their tree house, comparing notes on their favourite dinosaurs and kicking back to watch Shark Week in Bruce Lee T-shirts.
But as thirty and fortysomething adultescents continually plunder the decade of their youth and regurgitate the popular culture of the time as if it was some ground-breaking communal experience, the sense of not being cool enough for school second time around is even worse.
Living with your parents, siblings or other family members is not a source of pride for adultescents, but getting thousands of dollars in cash from Apartments.
com is once again looking for the nation's most freedom-worthy adultescent in the third annual Apartments.
Adultescents - or kidults - include Jerry Hall, Nicky Haslam, Jeremy Irons, Fatboy Slim, Richard Madeley and even Bill Clinton.
Just a few years ago, today's adultescent would have been wearing a bottle-green V-neck sweater and driving a people carrier with Cliff Richard at a sensible volume on the stereo.