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 (ə-dŭlt′, ăd′ŭlt)
1. One who has attained maturity or legal age.
2. Biology A fully grown, mature organism.
1. Fully developed and mature.
2. Relating to, intended for, or befitting adults: adult education.
3. Containing or dealing in explicitly sexual material; pornographic: adult movies.

[From Latin adultus, past participle of adolēscere, to grow up; see adolescent.]

a·dult′hood′ n.
a·dult′ness n.


(əˈdʌltnəs; ˈædʌltnəs)
the state or quality of being an adult; an impression of maturity
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Take at least 20 minutes each day to peel back all of your adultness, explore with your kids, and celebrate what you discover together.
Ben Harris, business development director at design agency Anthem Worldwide, said it would be interesting to see how the launch would "bring a premium adultness to an arena that has previously been focused on kids treats, licensed brands and own label.
Justice Kennedy continually presses that the Lawrence claimants are consenting adults, and that their consenting adultness portends any legal interferences as morally motivated, and not motivated to prevent harm.