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Advection of warm moist air over a cooler surface, such as water, causes fog.


1. The transfer of a property of the atmosphere, such as heat, cold, or humidity, by the horizontal movement of an air mass: Today's temperatures were higher due to the advection of warm air into the region.
2. The rate of change of an atmospheric property caused by the horizontal movement of air.
3. The horizontal movement of water, as in an ocean current.

[Latin advectiō, advectiōn-, act of conveying, from advectus, past participle of advehere, to carry to : ad-, ad- + vehere, to carry; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

ad·vec′tive adj.


(General Physics) the transference of heat energy in a horizontal stream of gas, esp of air
[C20: from Latin advectiō conveyance, from advehere, from ad- to + vehere to carry]


(ædˈvɛk ʃən)

1. a shift in temperature, humidity, or the like resulting from horizontal movement of an air mass (disting. from convection).
2. the horizontal flow of air, water, etc.
[1905–10; < Latin advectiō=advec-, variant s. of advehere to convey (ad- ad- + vehere to carry) + -tiō -tion]
ad•vec′tive, adj.


the horizontal movement of elements of the atmosphere. Cf. convection. — advective, adj.
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Noun1.advection - (meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric propertiesadvection - (meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties
meteorology - the earth science dealing with phenomena of the atmosphere (especially weather)
temperature change - a process whereby the degree of hotness of a body (or medium) changes
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MAX], it is the sea ice (or lack thereof) acting upon advecting air that leads to the temperature difference signal.
Immediately behind the cold front, there's a strong pressure gradient, indicated by the tight packing of the isobar lines, and cold air is advecting in from the north.
for computation of advecting property of fluid momentum in two or three-dimensional directions.
Sea urchin spawning in benthic boundary layers: are eggs fertilized before advecting away from females?
It bring us a mid-winter scenario with strong southerly and southeasterly winds, advecting the cold air as far north as Otjiwarongo.
The WAM circulation originates in late spring in the Gulf of Guinea when the sea-land energy contrasts near the surface turn the tropical low-level easterly and northeasterly flows to southwesterly, advecting ocean moisture inland and triggering the monsoonal rainfall up to the Sahelian belt.
In addition, current could affect turbidity by advecting organisms and particulate matter and alter the shape and depth obtained by the longline (Bigelow et al.
Poincare maps were generated using Eq 5 by advecting fluid elements at 101 initial locations, X in the mixing chamber for a large number of periods, usually not less than 200.
While light winds are advecting moisture into the area from the adjacent waters, local heating creates afternoon thundershowers to recycle evaporated soil moisture.