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or ad·vi·sor  (ăd-vī′zər)
1. One that advises, such as a person or firm that offers official or professional advice to clients.
2. An educator who advises students in academic and personal matters.
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Noun1.advisor - an expert who gives adviceadvisor - an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
amicus curiae, friend of the court - an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case; usually someone who wants to influence the outcome of a lawsuit involving matters of wide public interest
authority - an expert whose views are taken as definitive; "he is an authority on corporate law"
backroom boy, brain truster - an expert adviser involved in making important decisions but usually lacking official status
beauty consultant - someone who gives you advice about your personal appearance
counselor, counsellor - someone who gives advice about problems
agricultural agent, county agent, extension agent - an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics
fashion consultant, fashionmonger - someone who advises you about fashionable clothing
investment adviser, investment advisor - someone who advises others how to invest their money
management consultant - adviser to business about efficient management practices
media consultant, media guru - someone who advises about the use of communication media
military adviser, military advisor - a military officer who serves as an adviser to the troops of an allied nation
security consultant - an adviser about alarm systems to prevent burglaries
starets - a religious adviser (not necessarily a priest) in the Eastern Orthodox Church
tipster, tout - one who sells advice about gambling or speculation (especially at the racetrack)


or advisor
One who advises another, especially officially or professionally:
Law: counsel.
نَاصِح، مُسْتَشَار


(ədˈvais) noun
suggestions to a person about what he should do. You must seek legal advice if you want a divorce; Let me give you a piece of advice.
advise (ədˈvaiz) verb
1. to give advice to; to recommend. My lawyer advises me to buy the house.
2. (with of) to inform. This letter is to advise you of our interest in your proposal.
adˈvisable adjective
(of actions) wise. The doctor does not think it advisable for you to drink alcohol.
adˌvisaˈbility noun
adˈviser, adˈvisor noun
a person who advises.
adˈvisory adjective
giving advice. an advisory leaflet; He acted in an advisory capacity.

advice is a noun and never used in the plural: to give advice / a piece of advice / some advice .
advise is a verb: He advises us not to go .
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I have been talking with my advisors about you meat people, and we have decided that you do not belong in the Land of the Mangaboos and must not remain here.
Now, Princess," exclaimed the Wizard, "those of your advisors who wished to throw us into the Garden of Clinging Vines must step within this circle of light.
The advisors of the Princess did not like this test; but she commanded them to step into the flame and one by one they did so, and were scorched so badly that the air was soon filled with an odor like that of baked potatoes.
Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust today announced that its innovative trust service, the Advisor Directed Trust(TM) solution, will now be offered through a national network of financial advisors who work with the Estate Planning Team to help high net worth individuals manage their assets.
Hartwell was most recently with Fidelity Investments where he was responsible for sales and relationship management in the registered investment advisor group.
DENVER -- In order to further capitalize on its successful roster of advisor training programs, Curian Capital today expanded its offerings to include Peak Performance, a new series of advisor education workshops.
MINNEAPOLIS -- The registered investment advisor of First American Funds, U.
Forefield today released its next generation Forefield Advisor platform, which includes new HTML e-mail concept pieces, an advanced search engine, and expanded commercial printing support.
member NASD), a broker-dealer that serves as distributor of the IXIS Advisor Funds and Loomis Sayles Funds, as well as IXIS Asset Management Advisors, L.
Advisor Media (San Diego, CA), a producer of journals, online services and events for the IT community, has begun the publication of two new journals, including "Business Security Advisor" and "Advisor Basics of FileMaker Pro.
Under the new "penalty policy statement," Commissioner Everson declared that a taxpayer "may not rely on the advice of a tax advisor that has a financial arrangement or referral agreement with a tax shelter promoter.