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Loss of strength or vigor, usually because of disease.

ad′y·nam′ic (-năm′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.adynamic - characterized by an absence of force or forcefulnessadynamic - characterized by an absence of force or forcefulness
2.adynamic - lacking strength or vigoradynamic - lacking strength or vigor    
weak - wanting in physical strength; "a weak pillar"
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Adynamic and memorable brand strategy must include both the brand personality (visual: graphics, colors, images, etc.
45pm) ADYNAMIC duo investigates crimes on a sunny Spanish island in this hilarious series of comedy capers.
ADYNAMIC trailer has been released for one of Sir Anthony Hopkins' latest movies, Kidnapping Freddy Heineken, in which the Welsh Oscar winner plays the flamboyant lager magnate who was sensationally kidnapped in 1983.
Quantitative bone histology shows severely suppressed bone turnover, similar to the so-called adynamic bone disease found in a subset of patients with chronic renal failure; serum biomarkers of bone turnover are usually decreased, but often not as markedly as the bone histology.
Urban Sprawl and Fragmentation in Latin America: ADynamic Quantification and Characterization of Spatial Patterns.
Bisphosphonates reduce risk of fracture by about a factor of 2 with the potential adverse effects of leading to atraumatic fracture of bone as a consequence of an adynamic state similar to that described in patients on chronic maintenance hemodialysis (Cranney et al.
Sulcus results in stiffness of the vibratory margin of the vocal folds, and often in adynamic segments.
Fever, adynamic ileus or clear fluid drainage from incision or drainage sites may also occur.
Working in such adynamic environment was intimidating at first, but I'm proud of how my team have reacted to my vision with a continued commitment and desire to keep improving.
He concluded that very often the differentiation between adynamic ileus and true mechanical obstruction is difficult to elicit clinically.