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or adz  (ădz)
An axlike tool with a curved blade at right angles to the handle, used for shaping wood.

[Middle English adese, from Old English adesa.]


or adze


1. an axlike tool for dressing timbers roughly, with a curved chisellike steel head mounted at a right angle to the handle.
2. to dress or shape (wood) with an adz.
[before 900; Middle English ad(e)se, Old English adesa]
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Noun1.adz - an edge tool used to cut and shape woodadz - an edge tool used to cut and shape wood
edge tool - any cutting tool with a sharp cutting edge (as a chisel or knife or plane or gouge)


nDechsel f
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Other ADZ features include: EZ-Align Non-Welded axle re-alignment, weld-on axle adapters, and multifunctional pivot bushings for improved ride comfort and handling.
We have recently issued guidance to all areas to help them better understand how to set up and run an ADZ should they wish to do so.
The Target Markets Program Administrators Association is hosting its eighth annual summit in Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, Adz.
5 4 0 4 DeVry University-Arizona Adz 7 4 0 4 Westwood College- Denver North Colo.
Jacket Enterprises' box beams custom finishes vary from natural, light stain to very dark stain and wax, and can be textured in a variety of ways, from hewn-chipped, draw knife, random ADZ, ADZ wire brush, or in combination.
In a basic audit, there are many underlying issues not adz dressed by either party, only for a manufacturing partner to attempt to scale up new products or equipment and for the pharmaceutical company to discover an issue well into a program.
After checking in to HMM-161 for duty as a squadron corpsman, I was sent to Yuma, Adz.
The link between off-licences and late-night disorder in town centres is tenuous at best--and yet this is what underpins the ADZ proposal.
After therapy and at the adz vice of a close friend, he decided to write a story that he hoped would free him.
The Hallagan breaching tool is a modified crowbar made of non-sparking material with an extra spike and a wedge shaped adz at one end for additional prying and leverage.
In a news release issued Monday, NASD claimed that Wells footed the bill for two annual conferences in Scottsdale, Adz.