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 (ăg′ər, ĕj′ĭr)
n. Norse Mythology
The god of the sea.


(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth the god of the sea
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Noun1.Aegir - a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)aegir - a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)
tidal current, tidal flow - the water current caused by the tides
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Aegir Cider Company LLC, 1400 King St Ste B101, Bellingham, 604131471
The ROV systems will be installed on-board Heerema Marine Contractors's deepwater construction vessels Aegir, Thialf and Balder; the semi-submersible crane vessels Hermod and Sleipnir (a new build vessel); and other additional support vessels.
the three women who could see the past, present and future and decided the fate of every person; the idea of Valhalla, the Viking Gods, chief of them Odin, along with Thor, Aegir, Loki, and many others, as well as funeral rites, ships and pyres, religious practices including feasts and sacrifices, holy sites and temples.
It follows another significant Heerema project, the delivery of the LR-classed Aegir deepwater construction vessel (DCV) in 2013 (see article in the January 2014 Horizons).
And if you enjoy a beer, as I do, then the a ward-enjoy a beer, as I do, then the a wardwinning Aegir brewery and pub winning Aegir brewery and pub should also be on your itinerary.
A coffee and cake on the Toget Cafe's open air verandah gave us a taste of the stillness of the fjord - while the Aegir Brewery gave us a very different sort of local flavour.
Experience Norse mythology like never before in the pages of "Norse Mythrotica: The Circle of Power"; author Saqqarah's intimate look at four well-known Norse mythological couples: Idun and Bragi, Aegir and Ran, Loki and Sigyn, and Thor and Sif.
Pipelay systems currently under construction include multi-lay systems for the Aegir and a new build vessel for Ezra, a Flexlay System for the newest Subsea 7 vessel and the S-lay System for the Seven Borealis.
Sitting in second place overall after Aqua's disqualification is Brian Benjamin's Aegir Racing.
Soviet submarines and ships were heading for the conflict, they reported - shades of the Cuban Crisis - but no Russkies, and nothing much happening, until the frigate HMS Apollo collided with the Icelandic coastguard vessel Aegir, causing the only fatality of the war - the Aegir's engineer died.