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One that aerates, as a machine for aerating turf or a device for aerating liquids.


(ˈɛər eɪ tər, ˈeɪ əˌreɪ-)

an apparatus for aerating fluids or for circulating air over grains, etc., for drying.
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Noun1.aerator - an apparatus for exposing something to the air (as sewage)aerator - an apparatus for exposing something to the air (as sewage)
apparatus, setup - equipment designed to serve a specific function
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Company's Flo-Pad bin aerator promotes the flow of any dry bulk powder of granular material from bins, hoppers and silos.
Parrot's feather floats on the surface with a lacy delicacy that makes ferns look clumsy, while it works as a wonderful aerator for pond fish.
The aerator designed and made by St Asaph-based Flucon will be used to clean a leachate lagoon at Gemma's Gulch in the Falkland Islands.
Ultra-Sense with PSD offers preset or user-adjustable temperatures, a vandal-resistant aerator, a ceramic cartridge that resists mineral build-up, and watertight seals that protect the sensors and control electronics while providing convenient, above-the-counter access.
An over-the-belt aerator can be used to mix sand and water.
the pioneer of modern wine aeration responsible for the widely-heralded Vinturi Red Wine Aerator, today launched Vinturi White Wine Aerator, the first-ever aeration tool that is exclusively designed for use with white wine.
Tenders are invited for Furnish, Remove 12 Existing And Install 12 New Hypolimnetic Aerator Units
An aerator, which can be leased at equipment yards for around $65 per day, removes cores of turf 1 inch in diameter from the lawn.
For smaller containers, not so difficult products and low budget situations, Mucon offer the options of 'Northern' pneumatic vibrators - for direct attachment to the walls of containers or chutes and their newly introduced range of 'Powderflo' Aerator flow promotion devices.
Company offers the GYROMAX[R] ROTO-DRIVE, a speed reducer specifically designed with the necessary mechanical and environmental features to promote long trouble-free life aerator applications.
Southern Green has built a solid reputation around its popular Soil Reliever product line, which is considered to be the only purpose-built, deep-tine aerator manufactured in the United States.
Easy Wine Gift, Holiday Gift and Hostess Gift TWIST Six-Setting Wine Aerator is Must-Have for Wine Lovers