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Noun1.aerial ladder truck - a fire engine carrying laddersaerial ladder truck - a fire engine carrying ladders  
fire engine, fire truck - any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire
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Over ten chapters the author covers site plan basics, grading, fire flow, fire hydrants, underground fire lines, fire department connection, fire truck access, aerial ladder truck access, and a various other subjects.
The result: A new aerial ladder truck and a new engine tanker scheduled for delivery about this time next year.
Leonard Williams, CPA once again featured his 1940 Seagrave 85-foot tractor/trailer aerial ladder truck in the San Francisco Peninsula leg of this year's Burn Relay.
For now, in the town of Tangent along Highway 34, at Corvallis Moving & Storage, there is a 1936 American LaFrance ladder truck once owned by the Corvallis Fire Department; a 1936 Seagrave pumper once owned by the Lebanon Fire Department; a 1938 Ford pumper once owned by the Gaston Fire Department; a 1944 Seagrave aerial ladder truck once owned by the Centralia (Wash.
The entire donated-for-use fleet is built on Pierce custom fire chassis and includes six custom Contender Series(R) pumpers, a Dash(R) 75-foot aerial ladder truck, a Quantum(R) pumper, a Dash 100-foot aerial platform truck and a Saber(R) heavy-duty rescue.
CHARLTON -- The Charlton Fire Department has been awarded an $893,000 federal grant to replace the oldest vehicle in its fleet, a 40-year-old aerial ladder truck known as Scope 1.
An aerial ladder truck from Lane Rural was used to attack the fire from above because the inside stairs were too unstable, Chief Chip Darling of Lane Rural said.
New resources in the Valley include an aerial ladder truck, six basic life-support ambulances, seven paramedic ambulances, and the creation of a full-time urban search and rescue unit.
DUDLEY -- The fire department's new $725,000 aerial ladder truck has arrived, lettered with a memoriam to a man who served the town for more than 35 years: Chief Jeffrey E.
The fire department of the Paulding County is now capable of purchasing a new aerial ladder truck without tapping the county taxpayers money, thanks to the newly awarded funding.
Purchasing a new aerial ladder truck for the Fire Department is no easy task, nor does such a truck come cheaply.
Scope of work: The project provides for the acquisition of one (1) aerial ladder truck and two (2) fire pumpers.

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