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Watch out for firefighter and aerialist Hayley Wray, and PC Paul Taylor, who touched the hearts of the nation when he was caught dancing with children at the Manchester One Love Concert.
Riggs, who has worked as an aerialist, clown, actor, comedian, writer, stage director, and producer, provides a memoir of his life in the circus and theater.
The acrobatic dance show, La Dolce Vita - Europe's most famous acrobatic aerialist team - will bring the golden age of Italy's 60s rock 'n' roll era to life, interpreting bogie acts with enchanting costumes, comedy and aerial performances.
Another highlight will be the breathtaking show of aerialist Angela Gonzalez from Cuba.
Circus camp turns out to be a magical combination of work and play, but when a veteran aerialist is killed in a fall, Mandy must confront the reality of circus life.
But I'll side with the Weld runner Tadaany, fourth to Captain Power in his comeback run after a gelding operation but earlier a close third to Aerialist and Ardhoomey in a Gowran maiden.
A pair on a rope left us with hearts in mouths as they plummeted to the ground, a performer in a hoop defied the laws of gravity and an aerialist combined balletic grace and brute force to pull off a stunt with an ironing board that left us all steamed up.
Two new releases from the Limelights series chronicle the burgeoning talents of an aerialist and a rock musician, respectively.
The multi-talented Livingston, 31, is an aerialist, contortionist, and actress (and former Olympic rhythmic gymnast)Goldblum has gushed that he's "lucky, lucky, lucky.
Circus Sarasota aerialist Dolly Jacobs and her husband, Pedro Reis
After all, the seventh generation aerialist had made a career out of such things, with his most recent stroll taking him across Niagara Falls.