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v. aer·o·bi·cized, aer·o·bi·ciz·ing, aer·o·bi·ciz·es
To make physically fit by aerobics.
To engage in aerobics.


(ɛəˈrəʊbɪˌsaɪz) or


vb (intr)
(of a person) to perform aerobics
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Born in Chicago, her mother Irish and her father African-American, Beals was 19 years old when she ripped the neck out of a sweatshirt and aerobicized herself into film history with 1983's Flashdance.
Now more accessible than ever, the martial arts - both in pure and aerobicized form - are riding a second boom, fitness experts say.
So for seven hours one June day, with a $1,000 professional development budget and the help of volunteer instructors, more than 100 staff members practiced yoga, played sports, walked briskly, breathed deeply, stretched, ate healthy foods, aerobicized and learned about relieving stress.