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A heavier-than-air aircraft deriving lift from motion.

[aero- + Greek dunamis, power (from dunasthai, to be able; see deu- in Indo-European roots).]


(Aeronautics) any heavier-than-air machine, such as an aircraft, that derives the greater part of its lift from aerodynamic forces
[C20: back formation from aerodynamic; see dyne]


(ˈɛər əˌdaɪn)

any heavier-than-air aircraft deriving its lift mainly from aerodynamic forces.
[1905–10; back formation from aerodynamic; compare dyne]
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CLEVELAND -- Aerodyne, a specialist in solving dry material handling problems introduces its durable GatorGate[TM] Double-Dump-[TM] Valve to feed and move chunky, fibrous, and abrasive material efficiently.
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At the event, the company s chairman and founder Sun Yingui has inked deal with Progressive Aerodyne Inc to buy 20 Searey seaplanes and agreed to purchase 11 US-made Cirrus planes and four European-made Airbus helicopters.