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, aerogenous
a. aerógeno-a, que produce gas.
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sup][58] Stress also increased interleukin-6 and monocyte chemotactic protein 1 (MCP-1) levels in blood, and MCP-1 was significantly related with the changes of three kinds of stress-induced bacteria of Enterococcus faecalis , Pseudobutyrivibrio , and aerogenic bacteria Dorea strain.
Subcutaneous emphysema of the lower extremities is usually caused by an infection with aerogenic bacteria's which is often seen after major traumas like open fractures.
Studies conducted on fermentation of teff using it as the sole source of microorganisms indicate that a metabolically associated heterogeneous group of fermentative, aerogenic, gram-negative rods, lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus spp.
The labs at USAMRIID have tremendous resources and technical expertise to conduct aerogenic infection experiments of Ebola, which terrorists groups like Boko Haram currently lack.
Infectivity and pathogenicity of drug-resistant strains of tubercle bacilli studied by aerogenic infection of guinea pigs.
Vibrio furnissii (formerly aerogenic biogroup of Vibriofluvialis), a new species isolated from human feces and the environment.