aerographics, aerography

the branch of meteorology that studies and describes atmospheric conditions. — aerographer, n. — aerographic, aerographical, adj.
See also: Atmosphere
the study of atmospheric conditions. Also aerography. — aerographer, n.
See also: Weather
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Nike's USATF uniforms feature new Nike Swift materials, reducing weight to achieve less drag and faster times, and also include Nike Aerographics and the "We the People" graphic.
Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform: Unveiled in USA Basketball colors, the Nike Hyper Elite shorts weigh five ounces while the NIKE authentic basketball jersey, NIKE's lightest jersey ever, features a breathable and durable design with striking Nike Aerographics visual design.
The jerseys take advantage of Nike Aerographics, an engineered mesh providing zoned cooling that reduces up to half the yarn, making it more lightweight and breathable.