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An aircraft, especially a balloon or dirigible, deriving its lift from the buoyancy of surrounding air rather than from aerodynamic motion.

[French aérostat : Greek āero-, aero-; see aero- + Greek statos, standing; see stato-.]

aer′o·stat′ic, aer′o·stat′i·cal adj.


(ˌɛər əˈstæt ɪk)

also aer`o•stat′i•cal,

1. of or pertaining to aerostatics.
a. of or pertaining to an aerostat.
b. capable of supporting an aerostat, as a gas.
References in classic literature ?
The production of this gas is easy, and it has given the greatest satisfaction hitherto in aerostatic experiments.
13] investigated the load performance of micro-grooved aerostatic journal bearings.
This study uses a sampler box that is attached to aerostatic vehicles: zero pressure balloons and tethered balloon/kite structures.
McCormack DP (2009) Aerostatic spacing: On things becoming lighter than air.
The big problem with security is there is a lot of technology that isn't proven in crime prevention but (municipal governments) buy them just the same," she said, citing aerostatic balloons and drones for aerial vigilance.
According to the three component coefficients obtained that can be obtained in bridge structure resistance, lift and torque, and further analysis of the bridge structure under static wind load stress and displacement, and aerostatic stability analysis.
Linear motion carriage with aerostatic bearings preloaded by inclined iron core linear electric motor, Precision Engineering 27: 382-394.
Slide ways such as an aerostatic or hydrostatic with linear motors will be preferred, as it has been experimentally verified that these types of stages improve silica-on-silicon slot machining.
Fragments of the flying devices using the aerostatic flight principle are modeled.
All of this has been driven by the growing concern amongst governments, organisations and Individuals over the consumption of natural resources, which, states HAV, "naturally leads to aerostatic (lighter than air) principles to reduce both the energy cost and the financial operating cost of some of our transport requirements".
The Stiletto has an M-shaped hull that combines features from aerostatic, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic boat designs in order to effectively transition from low to high speed and increase the stability of the boat, he said.
From aerodynamic and aerostatic points of view, the side mirrors in car are known as adverse effects producing.