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aer·y 1

 (âr′ē, ā′ə-rē)
adj. aer·i·er, aer·i·est

[Latin āerius, of the air; see aerial.]

aer·y 2

 (âr′ē, îr′ē)
Variant of aerie.


(ˈɛərɪ; ˈeɪərɪ)
1. a variant spelling of airy
2. lofty, insubstantial, or visionary
[C16: via Latin from Greek aērios, from aēr air]


(ˈɛərɪ; ˈɪərɪ)
n, pl aeries
a variant spelling of eyrie


or aër•y

(ˈɛər i, ˈeɪ ə ri)

adj. aer•i•er, aer•i•est.
ethereal; aerial.
[1580–90; < Latin āerius; see aerial]
aer′i•ly, adv.


(ˈɛər i, ˈɪər i)

n., pl. aer•ies.
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Noun1.aery - the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)aery - the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)
bird nest, birdnest, bird's nest - nest where birds lay their eggs and hatch their young
2.aery - any habitation at a high altitudeaery - any habitation at a high altitude  
habitation - the native habitat or home of an animal or plant
Adj.1.aery - characterized by lightness and insubstantialityaery - characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air; "figures light and aeriform come unlooked for and melt away"- Thomas Carlyle; "aerial fancies"; "an airy apparition"; "physical rather than ethereal forms"
insubstantial, unsubstantial, unreal - lacking material form or substance; unreal; "as insubstantial as a dream"; "an insubstantial mirage on the horizon"


So light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film:
References in classic literature ?
I shall be jealous when Tertius goes to Lowick," said Rosamond, dimpling, and speaking with aery lightness.
Tenders are invited for Providing and Fixing of Interlocking Tiles and R/Gs from Aery mill road to H.
The new CM0850CC1 clearcoat can also be used over Sherwin-Williams Aery Glo acrylic urethane topcoat in conventional and high solids opaque and metallic colors.
He was active in Air National Guard, Mount Aery Baptist Church in Bridgeport, and a freemason of the highest rank.
So from the root Springs lighter the green stalk, from thence the leaves More aery, last the bright consummate flow'r Spirits odorous breathes: flow'rs and thir fruit Man's nourishment, by gradual scale sublime'd To vital Spirits aspire, to animal, To intellectual, give both life and sense, Fancy and understanding, whence the Soul Reason receives, and reason is her being.
30 (Hvdroxyethyl aery late/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer) Phase D NAOH (10%) (Water sodium hydroxide) 0.
Sachin Solanky, Gopal Rawat, Anand Chaudhary, Abhinav Aery and Suraj Pal coordinated data collection and data processing.
Aery Baptist Church (Bridgeport, CT) announced today a weeklong celebration of Dr.
Readers are challenged to extend it: AERO, AERY, AIDA, AREA, ARIA, IDEA, IOTA, IOWA, OHIO, OLEO, OLIO, and UREA.
Authors: I Chawla, V Aery, K Singh, B Singla & V Singh
As online purchases increase and people have fear of security online, then why not use prepaid which you can load with a limit as opposed to giving out a credit card number," said Mohit Aery, Vice-President of Acquisitions and Portfolio at mashreq.
When the weight ratio of PS particles to aery 1 amide in the water phase was more than 60 wt%, the resulting PAM beads were easily broken into pieces due to the quite low content of PAM.