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or es•thet•i•cal

(ɛsˈθɛt ɪ kəl)

of or relating to aesthetics.
aes•thet′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.aesthetical - concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good tasteaesthetical - concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste; "the aesthetic faculties"; "an aesthetic person"; "aesthetic feeling"; "the illustrations made the book an aesthetic success"
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It seems not worth while to execute with too much pains some one intellectual, or aesthetical, or civil feat, when presently the dream will scatter, and we shall burst into universal power.
Perhaps because I never found his work of great ethical or aesthetical proportions, but recognized that it pretended to be good only within its strict limitations, I recur to it now without that painful feeling of a diminished grandeur in it, which attends us so often when we go back to something that once greatly pleased us.
The Container Should Have Aesthetical Look With Optimised Size And Shape
Constellium's Aeral(TM) is developed from a specific alloy that can be used efficiently throughout the D&I can making process, including the specific necking operation, while meeting the pressure resistance and aesthetical requirements of cosmetics companies," highlighted Herve Vichery, Customer Technical Support Manager at Constellium.
His role at Naylors will be to assist in the management and maintenance of the large portfolio of managed properties, responding to reactive maintenance issues and undertaking regular inspections in order to ensure properties are in a good structural and aesthetical condition.
On the other hand, not just the functional performance is an issue, but it is extremely important to consider also aesthetical service life.
The site should see significant aesthetical differences in the third quarter of 2015 as landscaping and planting work takes place.
I want to be seen as a beauty artist and one of the best plastic surgeons now and in the future, so I chose the Downtown Dubai area to be my aesthetical and medical place of art.
The Wekafore brand is basically a transparent depiction of my not-so-colourful imagination, it is a never-ending pursuit of modernism and aesthetical excellence.
In the pages that follow, I would like to join the company of these aesthetical-theological interpreters, albeit in a much more limited and modest way, by bringing an aesthetical perspective to bear on the theological concept of tradition itself.
He hesitates between the historical understanding of the Gothic, achieved by means of a concrete analysis of some monuments and its aesthetical and philosophical one, found in more theoretical works.
Athr Gallery, which was participating for the third time in Abu Dhabi Art, represented six artists as well, featuring 15 pieces of artwork reflecting aesthetical, geometrical and spiritual patterns.