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Variant of estival.


(iːˈstaɪvəl; ˈɛstɪ-) or


of or occurring in summer
[C14: from French, from Late Latin aestīvālis, from Latin aestās summer]


(ˈɛs tə vəl, ɛˈstaɪ vəl)

pertaining or appropriate to summer.
[1350–1400; < Late Latin aestīvālis < Latin aestīv(us) of summer]
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Adj.1.aestival - (rare) of or occurring in summeraestival - (rare) of or occurring in summer; "the sky was a burnished aestival blue"; "estival winds"
summery - belonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer; "summery weather"; "summery dresses"


, (US) estival
adj (form)sommerlich
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nasicus from the southwestern extreme of its range undergoes a postnuptial spermatogenesis = aestival spermatogenesis (sensu Saint Girons 1982) which is completed before winter with sperm stored over winter in the vas deferens.
e Any AEstival said sAYs lEt hEAd kEElson hEIfer LEICEster lEOpard objET & objETS [d'art] rEYnard friend fOEtid bury gUEss *nth
1) spring -- vernal fall (American) -- autumnal dog -- canine wolf -- lupine arm -- brachial iron -- ferric father -- paternal day -- diurnal summer -- aestival winter -- hibernal cat -- feline horse -- equine heart -- cardiac ice -- gelid, glacial mother -- maternal church -- ecclesiastical, ecclesial (2)
The welcome aestival pause from the daily rigors of the school year brings with it that most treasured commodity in educators' lives: time.
30 Brighton Totequadpot Challenge Cup Handicap 1m4f ATR Card page 29 Key stat Sir Mark Prescott is three winners from his last nine runners in 3yo+ handicaps at the course and is represented by Aestival FRONT-RUNNER Eton Fable won last year's Totequadpot Challenge Cup Handicap "with something in hand", according to the Racing Post's on-the-spot comments reporter, and the question punters will ponder today is whether the horse had 7lb to spare.
Sir Mark Prescott's Aestival can defy a penalty in the Hyundai At Constitution Motors Handicap (8.
Aestival and autumnal vicariads of Gentianella (Gentianaceae): a myth?