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1. A tender feeling toward another; fondness.
2. often affections Feeling or emotion: an unbalanced state of affections.
3. A disposition to feel, do, or say; a propensity.
4. Obsolete Prejudice; partiality.

[Middle English affeccioun, from Old French affection, from Latin affectiō, affectiōn-, from affectus, past participle of afficere, to affect, influence; see affect1.]

af·fec′tion·al adj.
af·fec′tion·al·ly adv.


another word for affectionately
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Our team affectionally known as The Gladiators will grind non-stop to help catapult him to success.
Well the man affectionally welcomed to Anfield with mosaics of 'The King' and 'Kenny' in the new stand bearing his name and on the Kop - and cries of 'you Scouse b***' from the away fans - may need to get the mobile out tonight.
The little 'robodog' is affectionally dubbed 'Hana-chan', a play on the Japanese word 'hana' for nose, which also happens to be a common girl's name.
She will be very sadly missed and affectionally remembered by all her family and many friends.
Now Pitts, who is affectionally known as "Pastor Paul" by his former teammates, has aspirations of becoming an evangelical pastor and was known to organize impromptu Bible study and prayer meetings in the locker room before and after practice and games.
In a compelling work from 2009 entitled "The Bridge" (Figure 3), he offers a portrait of one of the most accomplished and respected artists in America, his personal mentor John Outterbridge, affectionally known throughout the community as "Bridge.
Married to Elaine and with three grown up daughters, he lived in Meadowside and was a well-liked character at the nearby Whitestone pub, where he was affectionally known as "Casey.
com) WHERE TO STAY Affectionally regarded as the grande dame of the island's hotels, the elegant five-star Hotel Phoenicia, built in the 1930s, is set in seven acres of stunning gardens with a pool, and is conveniently positioned just outside the entrance to the capital, City Gate, overlooking Marsamxett Harbour.
He is still known affectionally at The Hawthorns as The King.
They may have scores of Vampents (as their female fans are affectionally known), but The Vamps don't have plans to settle down any time soon.
TG, as he was affectionally known during his time in South Wales, spoke to The Malay Mail for an article headlined 'It's a Win for Malaysia
TG, as he was affectionally know during his time in South Wales, spoke to The Malay Mail for an article unambiguously titled: It's a Win for Malaysia