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Having or showing no emotion; unfeeling: "Her voice, ... low and affectless, yielded as little as possible" (Rebecca Goldstein).

af′fect′less·ness n.


a. showing no emotion or concern for others
b. not giving rise to any emotion or feeling: an affectless novel.
[C20: from affect1 (sense 4) + -less]


(ˈæf ɛkt lɪs)

indifferent to the suffering of others; unfeeling.
af′fect•less•ly, adv.
af′fect•less•ness, n.
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If the complaint that de Man's writing (and other poststructuralist theory) is affectless were reformulated as the claim that it was not sentimental, it would be accurate.
Nick's adolescent daughter Miranda is silent, affectless, withholding.
In the single word "clean," not to mention the nearly affectless declarative, Loomis conveys in miniature the whole world of attitudes and commitments the poem amplifies.
Mostly, it seemed a jab at Dukakis's affectless style; the candidate himself thought so, hence his pathetic protests in the second debate that yes, he really cared deeply about things.
Kurylenko affects the tousled, puffy-lipped look of actresses in French "fuck 'n' fight" cinema, while Affleck, instructed by the director to channel Gary Cooper's flinty reticence, responds with affectless inscrutability as the man with no name and even less purpose; identified by Ma lick as a writer and named Neil in the credits, Affleck's character lurks in the film as an artfully grizzled cipher.
It is easy to mock the studied gentility, affectless voices, and reflexive liberalism of NPR, but these are very successful radio programs.
For example, although I value economy, before I had even written a third of the poems in my book, I'd come to believe that in my case such tightness or control was in danger of resulting in an affectless flatness, a tidiness rather than intensity.
Other participating filmmakers include Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal, who capture the exquisite torment of the young Palestinian woman as she becomes sorrowful and affectless in America, showing sparks of wit only when she virulently attacks her well-meaning husband.
Terrence Malick's Badlands (1974) portrays an affectless outlaw couple fascinated by their notoriety stopping at several points along a road that eventually becomes pure desert.
David Boring is a mysterious yet strangely funny meditation on the nature of narrative, explored through an affectless young man's obsessive search for a woman to be obsessed with.
When I first read Distant Points in light of Riley's note about his sources, I assumed that his italicized passages, nearly all of which consist of this same affectless descriptive language detailing the arrangement of skeletal remains and the other contents of the gravesites, had been imported as blocks of text into his poems.
Chadwick's affectless prose perfectly captures the despair of a lonely woman who links herself to a man merely because his life seems more interesting than hers, even if the man neglects her.