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Having or showing no emotion; unfeeling: "Her voice, ... low and affectless, yielded as little as possible" (Rebecca Goldstein).

af′fect′less·ness n.


the inability to have or show emotion or feeling
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It's a mesmerising film, one that evokes the affectlessness of modern war and the powerlessness of its victims.
There are, in the Oxford English Dictionary, 324 words ending in -lessness, from affectlessness to zeallessness, yet there are only 279 ending in -fulness, staring with abhorfulness and ending with zestfulness.
In an online discussion of the seeming affectlessness of the "Gray" aliens who usually figure in abduction narratives, Advancer states that "the Grayling must be seen as a robot controlled by a cowardly being, for this is what they are--nothing more than flesh with no free mind" (Advancer 2009).