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tr.v. af·fi·anced, af·fi·anc·ing, af·fi·anc·es
To bind in a pledge of marriage; betroth.

[From Middle English affiaunce, assurance, from Old French, from affier, to trust to, from Medieval Latin affīdāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin fīdus, faithful; see bheidh- in Indo-European roots.]


(tr) to bind (a person or oneself) in a promise of marriage; betroth
archaic a solemn pledge, esp a marriage contract
[C14: via Old French from Medieval Latin affīdāre to trust (oneself) to, from fīdāre to trust, from fīdus faithful]


(əˈfaɪ əns)

v. -anced, -anc•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to pledge by promise of marriage; betroth.
n. Archaic.
2. a pledging of faith, as a marriage contract.
3. trust; confidence.
[1300–50; Middle English < Middle French afiance=afi(er) to pledge faith, declare on oath, betroth (< Medieval Latin affīdāre=af- af- + *fīdāre, for Latin fīdere to trust; see confide) + -ance -ance]


Past participle: affianced
Gerund: affiancing

I affiance
you affiance
he/she/it affiances
we affiance
you affiance
they affiance
I affianced
you affianced
he/she/it affianced
we affianced
you affianced
they affianced
Present Continuous
I am affiancing
you are affiancing
he/she/it is affiancing
we are affiancing
you are affiancing
they are affiancing
Present Perfect
I have affianced
you have affianced
he/she/it has affianced
we have affianced
you have affianced
they have affianced
Past Continuous
I was affiancing
you were affiancing
he/she/it was affiancing
we were affiancing
you were affiancing
they were affiancing
Past Perfect
I had affianced
you had affianced
he/she/it had affianced
we had affianced
you had affianced
they had affianced
I will affiance
you will affiance
he/she/it will affiance
we will affiance
you will affiance
they will affiance
Future Perfect
I will have affianced
you will have affianced
he/she/it will have affianced
we will have affianced
you will have affianced
they will have affianced
Future Continuous
I will be affiancing
you will be affiancing
he/she/it will be affiancing
we will be affiancing
you will be affiancing
they will be affiancing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been affiancing
you have been affiancing
he/she/it has been affiancing
we have been affiancing
you have been affiancing
they have been affiancing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been affiancing
you will have been affiancing
he/she/it will have been affiancing
we will have been affiancing
you will have been affiancing
they will have been affiancing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been affiancing
you had been affiancing
he/she/it had been affiancing
we had been affiancing
you had been affiancing
they had been affiancing
I would affiance
you would affiance
he/she/it would affiance
we would affiance
you would affiance
they would affiance
Past Conditional
I would have affianced
you would have affianced
he/she/it would have affianced
we would have affianced
you would have affianced
they would have affianced
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Verb1.affiance - give to in marriageaffiance - give to in marriage      
vow - make a vow; promise; "He vowed never to drink alcohol again"


[əˈfaɪəns] VT (frm) → prometer en matrimonio (to a) to be affiancedestar prometido (to a) to affiance o.s. toprometerse a
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Indeed, sir," says she, "I was ruined by a very deep scheme of villany, which if you knew, though I pretend not to think it would justify me in your opinion, it would at least mitigate my offence, and induce you to pity me: you are not now at leisure to hear my whole story; but this I assure you, I was betrayed by the most solemn promises of marriage; nay, in the eye of heaven I was married to him; for, after much reading on the subject, I am convinced that particular ceremonies are only requisite to give a legal sanction to marriage, and have only a worldly use in giving a woman the privileges of a wife; but that she who lives constant to one man, after a solemn private affiance, whatever the world may call her, hath little to charge on her own conscience.
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