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1. Linked by a close relationship.
2. Beholden to another; bound.

[French affiné, from Old French affin, closely related, from Latin affīnis, bordering on, neighboring, related by marriage : ad-, ad- + fīnis, boundary.]


closely related; connected



1. closely related or connected.
2. bound; obligated.
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Adj.1.affined - closely related; "syllable to blessed syllable affined"- Wallace Stevens
connected - joined or linked together
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They ensure an even mass coloration of the material, since they stay affined to the wood fiber, and stand out due to their great shine as well as their color and light stability.
The project was supported by Investe Sao Paulo, the states investment promotion agency, affined to the Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology.
They emphasize five means by which corruption inflicts damage: (1) reduction in productive investment and growth; (2) macro-fiscal costs, in particular the "loss of massive amounts of public revenues from taxes, customs duties, and privatization programs"; (3) redistributional/social costs; (4) economic inefficiency, particularly through the protection of affined firms and the discouragement of entrepreneurs and competitor firms; and (5) distortion or loss of foreign aid and debt relief programs.