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tr.v. af·fixed, af·fix·ing, af·fix·es
1. To secure to something; attach: affix a label to a package.
2. To impute; attribute: affix blame to him.
3. To place at the end; append: affix a postscript to a letter.
4. Linguistics To add as an affix.
n. (ăf′ĭks′)
1. Something that is attached, joined, or added; an appendage or addition.
2. Linguistics A word element, such as a prefix or suffix, that can only occur attached to a base, stem, or root.

[Medieval Latin affīxāre, frequentative of Latin affīgere, affīx- : ad-, ad- + fīgere, to fasten; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]

af·fix′a·ble adj.
af′fix′al adj.
af′fix′al·ly adv.
af·fix′er n.


relating to an affix
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Adj.1.affixal - of or pertaining to a linguistic affix
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This naturally leads to a marked asymmetry between the two languages--the affixally derived verbal lexicon in English is rather poor in terms of productive patterns (-ize, -ify, -en being the only verbalizing suffixes and en- and be- among the rare prefixes), while in Bulgarian the affixally derived verbal lexicon is richer than the compound one.
Not only do roots convey more meaning in the sense that there are more to choose from, but much more of what is marked affixally is redundant or can be inferred from context.