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Materialism or overconsumption in affluent societies, seen as a societal and environmental menace, as in large-scale consumer debt and product waste.

[Blend of affluence and influenza.]


the guilt or lack of motivation experienced by people who have made or inherited large amounts of money. Also called: sudden-wealth syndrome
[C20: from aff(luent) + (in)fluenza]
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The situation we see--where affluenza is the norm--has been presided over for decades by traditional estate planning attorneys as the gatekeepers for family inheritance.
Controversially, the radical psychiatrist Oliver James in his book Affluenza argues that free market capitalism marked by the ethic of competition and self-promotion has spawned materialism with its premium on money, conspicous consumption, fame and selfies.
Efectivamente, aunque el termino afluenza fue empleado en 1954 por primera vez por el director de una fundacion que patrocino una investigacion sobre la riqueza, este termino fue popularizado a partir de 1997, con la transmision del documental para television Affluenza, producido por John de Graaf, coautor del libro Affluenza: Why Overconsumption is Killing Us and How to Fight Back (Affluenza: Por que el consumo excesivo esta matandonos y como combatirlo).
The affluenza diagnosis, which is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, was widely ridiculed.
Ashley Clark, The Privileged Defense: Affluenza's Potential Impact on Counselors in Court Proceedings, Article 73, VISTAS ONLINE 1 (2015) (characterizing affluenza.
The alienation and affluenza so prevalent in our society can sometimes seem overwhelming.
Affluenza could mean many things, but in this case, the term was used to claim that the teenager was the product of wealthy and privileged parents who never set limits for him.
Or are you just suffering from a severe case of affluenza - that quintessential 21st century malaise.
He said the inspiration behind his latest project was Oliver James' book Affluenza and what Micah sees as the relentless human search for progress.
Fostering this escalating process of malconsumption is the advertising industry which has, in recent years, started to target ever younger audiences (see the video Affluenza, distributed by Bullfrog Films--www:pbs.
Since 1988 he has worked as a writer, author, journalist, broadcaster and presenter, penning bestselling books on social issues and parenting, including Affluenza, How Not to F**k Them Up and Britain on the Couch.
John DeGraaf, director of the film Affluenza and writer of an accompanying book, says the market economy's constant drive for growth is incompatible with a finite planet.