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I know these populous times affoord plentie of forward Writers, and criticall Readers; My selfe hath made the number of the one too many by one; and having bin toucht with the censures of the other, by occasion of my mouzeling Melastomus, I am now, as by a strong motive induced (for my rights sake) to produce and divulge this off-spring of my indevour, to prove them further futurely who have formerly deprived me of my due, imposing my abortive upon the father of me, but not of it.
The pamphleteer explains that he will first give the reader important background on Elvetham itself: "Before I declare the just time or manner of her Majestie's arrivall and Entertainment at Elvetham, it is needful (for the readers better understanding of everie part and processe in my discourse) that I set downe as well the conveniencie of the place, as also the suffising, by art and labour, of what the place in itselfe could not affoord on the sodaine, for receipt of so great a Majestie, and so honoruable a traine" (99).
Observing by the way, and that in the next place, one rare piece of novelty, which, because it hath been hitherto omitted, and is so worthy as I may not altogether balk or utterly passe it over in silence, I must affoord a place here, and that not altogether improperly, since it is a monument; not of the dead, I confesse, but (which is much better) of the operative and exemplary piety of the living Donor.
Each on his Altar offreth to the Lord The best that eithers flocks or fields affoord.