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Planned or intended beforehand; premeditated: malice aforethought.


(immediately postpositive) premeditated (esp in the phrase malice aforethought)


(əˈfɔrˌθɔt, əˈfoʊr-)

thought of previously; premeditated: with malice aforethought.
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Adj.1.aforethought - planned in advanceaforethought - planned in advance; "with malice aforethought"
premeditated - characterized by deliberate purpose and some degree of planning; "a premeditated crime"


[əˈfɔːθɔːt] ADJ with malice aforethoughtcon premeditación
References in classic literature ?
This sailing with a "dry " boat was malice aforethought on my part.
That point is this: The Sperm Whale is in some cases sufficiently powerful, knowing, and judiciously malicious, as with direct aforethought to stave in, utterly destroy, and sink a large ship; and what is more, the Sperm Whale has done it.
Men say, practically, Begin where you are and such as you are, without aiming mainly to become of more worth, and with kindness aforethought go about doing good.
In a text message he wrote: "I accept full responsibility of the charges brought against me, and although I didn't have malice aforethought, in hindsight am aware I should never have driven the vehicle, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.
And so I should write and act with that trail aforethought so someone, a century hence, will be happy to find a book I wrote, or some note I scribbled, and smile at the memory.
It is hard to believe that any sane person, let alone someone occupying the highest position of the land, would willingly and with malice aforethought endanger the lives of innocent people numbering in the hundreds of thousands.
The prosecution has proved that Khanyaha assaulted Salala with malice aforethought and his conduct was reckless,' Sitati said.
The officer, who was fired after the shooting, "acted out of malice aforethought, shooting dead an unarmed and fleeing Walter Scott," Judge David Norton said, RT reported.
When Martinsen appeared at the assizes on 12th February, it was accepted by the jury that he had not had any malice aforethought and not intended to kill.
This was not done with any malice aforethought and the decision was forced upon us when we received anonymous calls reporting the fear and public health implications of the situation.
This was not done with any malice or aforethought and the decision was forced upon us when we received anonymous calls reporting the fear and public health implications of the situation," he said.
Only someone who had talked herself into believing the coalition of young people, single women, and minority voters made her invincible would have deliberately and with malice aforethought talked about half of Donald Trump's supporters belonging in "a basket of deplorables" who are (for good measure)"irredeemable.