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also af·rit (ăf′rēt′, ə-frēt′)
A powerful evil spirit or gigantic and monstrous demon in Muslim tradition.

[Arabic 'ifrīt, from Middle Persian āfrīd, created (an afreet probably being so called because it is a "creature," a creation of God or divine powers), from āfrīdan, to bless, create, from Old Iranian *āfrī-, to bless (attested in Avestan āfrī-) : *ā-, to, towards, hither + *frī-, to rejoice, please; see prī- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]


(ˈæfriːt; əˈfriːt) or


(Non-European Myth & Legend) Arabian myth a powerful evil demon or giant monster
[C19: from Arabic `ifrīt]


or af•rit

(ˈæf rit, əˈfrit)

a powerful evil demon or monster in Arabian myths.
[1795–1805; < dial. Arabic ‘afrīt < Pahlavi āfrītan]
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Colonel Humaid Saeed Al Afreet, head of firearms and explosives, said: "Fireworks can potentially cause physical damage as well as environment pollution.
The UAE nationals who want to get permits should carry their original valid passport, original family book (citizenship), original ID card and photo copies of these, said Colonel Humaid Al Afreet, Director of the Firearms and Explosives Department at the Abu Dhabi Police Directorate General of Security and Outlets Affairs, in his capacity as chairman of the security committee of the exhibition.
In order to get weapon permits, UAE citizens should have their valid original passport, family book, certificate of good conduct, along with their Emirates ID cards and copies of all," Lieutenant Colonel Hamid Saeed Al Afreet said.
Reem 4f Galileo - Al Afreet She was a disappointment in Britain and hopefully she can get back to her best in Dubai.
A recurrent theme in the first two volumes of her text is that they lived in a house haunted by an afreet, a demon.
The NABCO TCV is the perfect solution to keep us mission-ready in the event of an incident involving a CBRN or explosive device," said Colonel Humaid Saeed Al Afreet, Abu Dhabi Police's Manager of the Directorate of Ordnance & Explosives Security.
Colonel Humaid Saeed Al Afreet, the head of the Firearms and Explosives Department at Abu Dhabi Police, firecrackers are very dangerous.
Galileo's daughter Reem, winner of the Listed Al Bastakiya, is out of the Danehill mare Al Afreet, a winner of one race in Australia.
Colonel Humaid Al Afreet, director of firearms and explosives department at Abu Dhabi police, said: "Accidents involving fireworks have reduced over the years, due to an increased number of inspections and awareness campaigns".