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1. Occurring after closing time: after-hours socializing.
2. Open after a legal or established closing time: an after-hours club.


after the normal time for something


occurring in or operating after the normal or legal closing time for business: an after-hours drinking club.
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Adj.1.after-hours - after closing time especially a legally established closing timeafter-hours - after closing time especially a legally established closing time; "after-hours socializing"; "an after-hours club"
late - being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time; "late evening"; "late 18th century"; "a late movie"; "took a late flight"; "had a late breakfast"


A. ADVfuera de horas
B. ADJ after-hours dealingstransacciones fpl fuera de horas
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On 1 July 2015, all New Zealand children aged under 13 became eligible to access free visits with their enrolled general practice and after-hours services, as well as free prescriptions.
This will mark the first time brokerages will be allowed to use the online securities firm's proprietary after-hours trading system.
In addition, networking opportunities will be available at breakfast and lunch and at an after-hours party.
The most common reasons for after-hours calls were medication refills and concerns, pain, issues of pregnant patients, and fever.
Vocalist David Driver's burnt-oak raspy baritone weaves languorously around the tune, punctuated by the after-hours sounds of Fil Krohnengold on piano and Peter Kiesewalter on clarinet.
Lane County, through its Community Health Centers of Lane County is seeking proposals for the provision of after-hours telephone messaging, answering and related services for its constituent clinics as listed below: *Primary Care: o RiverStone Clinic o Charnelton Community Clinic o Springfield Schools Health Center o Brookside Clinic o Delta Oaks Clinic o Primary Care at Lane County Behavioral Health *Behavioral Health o Lane County Behavioral Health A single telephone number is in use for RiverStone Clinic, Charnelton Community Clinic, Springfield Schools Health Center, Brookside Clinic, Delta Oaks Clinic and Primary Care at Lane County Behavioral Health.
The yield on the benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond rose to a nearly two-month high with the price lower during after-hours trading Friday as Bank of Japan Governor Toshihiko Fukui did not rule out a rate hike before the year-end.
They were Manhattan's granddaddies of the gay after-hours clubs.
This study documents the frequency and nature of after-hours telephone calls to a university-based family practice, with special attention to those calls from or about nursing home patients.