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, after-sound
n. impresión auditiva que persiste después de cesar el estímulo.
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3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost, with its engine emitting an odd after-sound.
For example, an hourglass icon is used for pauses and a face with one larger ear for remembering to listen to the after-sound of a note.
Wednesday was an evening with a few gremlins, however, with some audiencemembers unable to count up to six and therefore applauding over the tender beginning of the Szymanowski's final movement; some premature applause elsewhere; even some conversation; and, most spectacularly, a prolonged mechanical after-sound from the portable organ console at the end of "Mars", the first movement of Holst's 'Planets', meaning that poor Peter King had to sit disconsolately at his instrument for the rest of the proceedings.