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informal during the afternoon, esp regularly


(ˌæf tərˈnunz, ˌɑf-)

in or during any or every afternoon: He slept late and worked afternoons.
[1895–1900, Amer.]
References in classic literature ?
All those fall afternoons were the same, but I never got used to them.
The advent of Rebecca had somehow infused a new spirit into these hitherto terrible afternoons.
But all the field afternoons and recitation Fridays and physical culture contortions paled before a project which Miss Stacy brought forward in November.
I'm twelve goin' on thirteen an' there's a lot o' afternoons in thirteen years, but seems to me like I never seed one as graidely as this
On summer afternoons, when she had been mar- ried many years and when her son George was a boy of twelve or fourteen, Elizabeth Willard some- times went up the worn steps to Doctor Reefy's of- fice.
After a short pause for repose, Miss Skiffins - in the absence of the little servant who, it seemed, retired to the bosom of her family on Sunday afternoons - washed up the tea-things, in a trifling lady-like amateur manner that compromised none of us.
After the football season opens I won't have any spare Saturday afternoons.
Sunday afternoons she frequently went for a walk with Nancy.
Alone am I again, and like to be so, alone with the pure heaven, and the open sea; and again is the afternoon around me.
I tell you," answered the aunt, "we do entirely approve; and this very afternoon your father hath appointed for you to receive your lover.
A Dog looking out for its afternoon nap jumped into the Manger of an Ox and lay there cosily upon the straw.
SHE set off on a fine spring afternoon along the cart- road that leads over the hill.