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(ˈæf tərˌtæks, ˈɑf-)

remaining after applicable taxes have been deducted: a person's aftertax income.
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Net income fell more than 10% to $561 million due to a $101 million aftertax charges resulting from the implementation of the previously disclosed four-year Global Growth and Efficiency Program, costs associated with the sale of land in Mexico and a charge associated with an existing European competition law matter.
The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but ConocoPhillips said in a press release that it expects to recognise an aftertax financial gain of approximately $400mn from the sale.
Fourth quarter 2009 reported net income included an aftertax charge of $2 million, or one cent per share, to reflect the net increase in the current value of the company's obligation under its proposed asbestos settlement, which is pending court proceedings.
RUUD van Nistelrooy's hopes of landing a New Year move to Anfield hinge on the Dutchman accepting a payas-you-play deal instead of the pounds 100,000-a-week aftertax wages he earns at Real Madrid.
During the second quarter the company recorded a noncash aftertax impairment charge of $27 million resulting from the divestiture of GV Instruments (see IBO 5/31/07).
DUNFERMLINE Building Society yesterday announced a 17 per cent rise in aftertax profits to a record pounds 5.
Increased purchasing effectiveness is expected to generate more than $30 million annually in incremental aftertax savings by 2008.
An important element within this step is to understand the tax consequences of a sale, and what might be done to maximize aftertax proceeds.
For the pharmaceutical industry, one economic problem is that only 3 out of every 10 of their products generate aftertax returns (measured in present value terms) in excess of average, aftertax R&D costs.
The wife had argued the payments weren't alimony because the divorce court had ruled that a reasonable payment would constitute 40% of her spouse's aftertax income.
Households may choose to invest in a wide array of financial assets, and there are often asset-specific tax rules that determine the relationship between pretax and aftertax returns.
Weyerhaeuser will pay the remainder of the settlement resulting in an aftertax charge of US$ 15 million (US$ 0.