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 (ăf′tər-wərd) also af·ter·wards (-wərdz)
At a later time; subsequently.


(ˈæf tər wərd, ˈɑf-)

also af′ter•wards,

at a later time; subsequently.
[before 1000; Old English æfterweard]
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Adv.1.afterward - happening at a time subsequent to a reference timeafterward - happening at a time subsequent to a reference time; "he apologized subsequently"; "he's going to the store but he'll be back here later"; "it didn't happen until afterward"; "two hours after that"




[ˈɑːftəwəd] afterwards [ˈɑːftəwədz] (esp Brit) ADVdespués, más tarde
afterward we all helped with the washing updespués or luego or más tarde todos ayudamos a fregar los platos
I realized afterward that he was rightdespués or luego me di cuenta de que él tenía razón
immediately afterwardinmediatamente después, acto seguido
long afterwardmucho tiempo después
shortly or soon afterwardpoco después, al poco rato
I didn't remember until afterwardno lo recordé hasta después or hasta más tarde
References in classic literature ?
For ten long years afterward I never again met with my little Mary; I never even heard whether she had lived to grow to womanhood or not.
Excessive honours are also a cause of sedition when one person or more are greater than the state and the power of the government can permit; for then a monarchy or a dynasty is usually established: on which account the ostracism was introduced in some places, as at Argos and Athens: though it is better to guard against such excesses in the founding of a state, than when they have been permitted to take place, to correct them afterward.
We were regularly christened, but afterward, in the very act of tattooing us with small distinguishing marks, the operator lost his reckoning; and although I bear upon my forearm a small "H" and he bore a "J," it is by no means certain that the letters ought not to have been transposed.
Eliot, in company with three others, whose names are not mentioned, having implored the divine blessing on the undertaking, made his first visit to the Indians on the 28th of October, 1646 at a place afterwards called Nonantum; a spot that has the honor of being the first on which a civilized and Christian settlement of Indians was effected within the English colonies of North America.
This is their way of living when they are in arms, but afterwards when they settle at home they breed up their children.
So far what I confest," said she, "was true, that these hands conveyed the infant to your bed; conveyed it thither at the command of its mother; at her commands I afterwards owned it, and thought myself, by her generosity, nobly rewarded, both for my secrecy and my shame.
He remembered how his brother, while at the university, and for a year afterwards, had, in spite of the jeers of his companions, lived like a monk, strictly observing all religious rites, services, and fasts, and avoiding every sort of pleasure, especially women.
Sir," said Johnson afterwards, "It was a love-marriage on both sides.
This duke entered the Romagna with auxiliaries, taking there only French soldiers, and with them he captured Imola and Forli; but afterwards, such forces not appearing to him reliable, he turned to mercenaries, discerning less danger in them, and enlisted the Orsini and Vitelli; whom presently, on handling and finding them doubtful, unfaithful, and dangerous, he destroyed and turned to his own men.
Three or four days afterwards a solitary Indian, believed to be the same, was observed crossing a valley, and pursued; but he darted away into the fastnesses of the mountains, and was seen no more.
Then, to raise money to reach England, I had to borrow from a man named Da Souza, and afterwards, in London, to start the Company, I had to make him my partner in the profits of the concession.
I morbidly represented to myself that if Joe knew it, I never afterwards could see him at the fireside feeling his fair whisker, without thinking that he was meditating on it.