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also ag·ism  (ā′jĭz′əm)
Discrimination based on age, especially prejudice against the elderly.

age′ist adj. & n.


(ˈeɪdʒɪzəm) or


(Sociology) discrimination against people on the grounds of age; specifically, discrimination against the elderly
ˈageist, ˈagist adj


(ˈeɪ dʒɪz əm)

discrimination or prejudice against older persons.
age′ist, adj., n.

ageism, agism

discrimination on the basis of age, especially against older people.
See also: Age, Discrimination
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Noun1.ageism - discrimination against middle-aged and elderly peopleageism - discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people
discrimination, favoritism, favouritism - unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice


[ˈeɪdʒɪzəm] Ndiscriminación f por razón de edad


[ˈeɪdʒɪzəm] nâgisme m
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Cattrall said she felt disappointed by the comments, especially because she considered ageism to be such a serious issue in the industry.
The BBC denied accusations of ageism, claiming the role of the traditional newsreader had "virtually died out".
THE NHS was accused of ageism today after it was claimed that elderly stroke patients do not receive the same level of care as their younger counterparts.
AGEISM is still rife in workplaces across the country, six months after regulations were introduced to outlaw age discrimination, according to new research.
Under the new rules employees who feel they are the victims of ageism have the same right to complain as those sexually or racially harassed.
THE new age discrimination laws which come into effect tomorrow - designed to stop ageism in the workplace - are largely to be welcomed.
Recent estimates put the cost of ageism on UK plc at over pounds 30 billion per annum in lost production and a further pounds 5 billion through the cost of benefits.
John Moores University won a European Social Fund grant to develop a new training scheme to help beat ageism in the workplace.
It says that to achieve a workplace free from ageism, employers need to address their grassroots cultures in time for October 1, 2006, when age discrimination will be outlawed.
But he claimed that while elders are a new resource for today's Ireland he added that we live in a society where ageism is almost as rampant today as sexism was 100 years ago.
It has also widened its net quite a bit from the original party-boy days, encompassing stories involving PFLAG moms, homophobic police, ageism, opera queens, discrimination against gay parents, social climbing, the rights of bereaved life partners, and, most importantly, AIDS awareness.
Morley Safer of ``60 Minutes'' was coming to town, and he wanted to interview me about ageism in Hollywood.