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1. Seeming never to grow old or to show the effects of time: "Our sporting heroes often strike us as ageless. We remember them in their prime, their faces unblemished" (Neal Bascomb).
2. Existing forever; eternal: "He was merely a participant in some ageless ritual that had preceded him by centuries" (Elizabeth Gilbert).

age′less·ly adv.
age′less·ness n.
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Noun1.agelessness - the quality of being timeless and eternal
immutability, immutableness, fixity - the quality of being incapable of mutation; "Darwin challenged the fixity of species"
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It behoves us, clinicians and lay people alike, to practise letting go of the unrealistic expectations of agelessness and immortality in preparation for the "big letting go".
The pursuit of wellness, increasingly tied to the pursuit of beauty and agelessness, stands at the heart of the current zeitgeist.
Although the agelessness could have been explored more -- Adaline's main regret is that she hasn't been able to fall in love for so long, and the film never really offers an insight into other facets of this condition -- it certainly provokes thought from the viewer that perhaps growing old isn't so bad, and we should appreciate what we do have around us rather than thinking about the future.
His memory and capabilities testify his agelessness while wrinkles on his face and forehead speak about his life-long experiences.
Scientists are currently trying to find out if the genetic cause of her agelessness can be isolated.
Online retail of beauty products setting in major changes in the cosmetics landscape in Japan including Skincare - Perpetual Quest for Agelessness with ageing population and massive awareness of healthy lifestyle drive the Skincare market in Japan.
From Botox treatments for women in their 20s to the growth in aging-related products and services, agelessness has become a cultural preoccupation.
Between the hunger and merciless abuse of his childhood and the glittering world of art and culture he enters as an adult, Luca finds that he isn't growing any older; this peculiar agelessness drives him to study alchemy and medicine in an attempt to uncover the secret of his identity.
All this time she's been lying on the holy grailng on the holy grail of agelessness.