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Absence or incomplete development of an organ or body part.


(eɪˈdʒɛnɪsɪs) or


1. (Pathology) (of an animal or plant) imperfect development
2. (Pathology) impotence or sterility
agenetic adj


(eɪˈdʒɛn ə sɪs)

also a•ge•ne•sia

(ˌeɪ dʒəˈni ʒə)

absence or failed development of a body part.
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Noun1.agenesis - imperfect developmentagenesis - imperfect development; nondevelopment of a part
nondevelopment - failure of normal development to occur


n. agénesis, agenesia.
1. defecto congénito en el desarrollo de un órgano o parte del cuerpo;
2. esterilidad; impotencia.
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Agenesis may present as hemiagenesis, bilobar agenesis, or isthmic agenesis.
Contract notice: pa 2018-0-35 acquisition of meshes and other prostheses for agenesis and prolapse
Close inspection of the bone windowed CT images (Figure 2) reveals asymmetric lack of a bony left internal carotid canal consistent with congenital left internal carotid artery (ICA) agenesis.
Prevalence of tooth agenesis and peg shaped maxillary lateral incisors associated with palatally displaced canine (PDC) anomaly.
A brain MRI showed severe vermis hypoplasia, molar tooth sign, agenesis of corpus callosum, retrocerebellar enlargement (variant Dandy Walker syndrome?
Mood disorders and psychotic features may be a manifestation of agenesis of the septum pellucidum due to its potential role in the limbic system.
Dorsal pancreatic agenesis is a rare congenital anomaly.
The syndrome is characterized by uterus didelphys, obstructed hemivagina, and ipsilateral renal agenesis.
Cystogenitoscopy showed normal urethra and bladder, absent vagina, and the presence of rectovestibular fistula confirming the diagnosis of uterovaginal agenesis (MRKH syndrome type B).
Results: A total of 19 patients were diagnosed with Mullerian agenesis and underwent vaginal reconstruction by Mclndoe technique with minor modification.