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Of or relating to a linguistic form or construction that indicates an agent or agency, as the suffix -er in singer.
An agentive form or construction.


(ˈeɪdʒəntɪv) ,




1. (Grammar) (in some inflected languages) denoting a case of nouns, etc, indicating the agent described by the verb
2. (Linguistics) (of a speech element) indicating agency: '-er' in 'worker' is an agentive suffix.
a. the agentive case
b. a word or element in the agentive case


(ˈeɪ dʒən tɪv)

1. of or designating a linguistic form or case that indicates the doer or causer of an action.
2. an agentive word or suffix, as the suffix -er in painter.
3. the agentive case.


[ˈeɪdʒəntɪv] N (Gram) → agentivo m
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We wanted the students to develop respectful and agentive relationships with the adults in their city.
See Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things (Durham: Duke University Press, 2010), where the notion of an agentive "vibrant matter" is traced in part to Spinozist and Romantic thought.
67) These individuals, while highly mobile and agentive, are also vulnerable to abuse, detention, and deportation as a result of their "in-between" legal status; because they are neither citizens of their countries of residence nor registered refugees, their conditions of homemaking are precarious and liminal, even though outside the gaze of the international refugee regime.
Men are more often described with superlatives and in agentive terms (e.
We know that becoming a critical, agentive educator is a complex life-long journey, one that deserves intense focus at the undergraduate level (Di Angelo & Sensoy, 2010).
In this account, by enjoining its viewers to acts of identification, the cinema demands that, as viewers, we take leave of ourselves, and of any critical distance or agentive awareness we may have.
The goal is to answer three central questions, corresponding to three sub-projects of the proposal: (1) What are suitable formal logical representation formalisms for knowledge of agentive responsibility in action, interaction and joint action (2) How can we formally reason about the evaluation of grades of responsibility and risks relative to normative systems (3) How can we perform computational checks of responsibilities in complex intelligent systems interacting with human agents To answer the first two questions, we will design logical specification languages for collective responsibilities and for probability-based graded responsibilities, relative to normative systems.
1) AL- BAQARA (The Cow)/130--And who forsakes the religion of Ibrahim = forsakes Rejected/Returned/Rejects --Medina--Present verb with an agentive role whose subject is deleted
It is no surprise that Ashleigh decided to become a teacher because she also had and wished to highlight these desirable qualities, however the thickly agentive "turning point" (Bruner, 1994, p.
The function of making judgements in context is now taken to be the hallmark of professions involving complex and agentive decision-making based on 'knowing how' and 'knowing why' (Beckett 2008); thus 'context' must feature in any educational or skill development initiative.
unintentional, who is agentive and who is acted upon; doers or thinkers, instrument or force.
Then, moving from function to purpose means moving from agentive to telic (intentional, targeted) aspects.