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a. The length of time that a person or thing has existed: a man 23 years of age; wanted to know the age of the house.
b. The time of life when a person becomes qualified to assume certain civil and personal rights and responsibilities, usually at 18 or 21 years; legal age: under age; of age.
c. One of the stages of life: the age of adolescence; at an awkward age.
d. The state of being old; old age: hair white with age.
2. often Age
a. A period of time marked by a distinctive characteristic, achievement, or figure: the Stone Age; the computer age; the Elizabethan Age.
b. A period in the history of the earth, usually shorter than an epoch: the Ice Age.
a. The period of history during which a person lives: a product of his age.
b. A generation: ages yet unborn.
4. ages Informal An extended period of time: left ages ago.
v. aged, ag·ing, ag·es
1. To cause to become old or to show the signs of becoming old: The stress of the office visibly aged the president.
2. To cause to mature or ripen under controlled conditions: aging wine.
3. To change (the characteristics of a device) through use, especially to stabilize (an electronic device).
1. To become old or show signs of becoming old: Who doesn't want to age gracefully?
2. To develop a certain quality of ripeness; become mature: cheese aging at room temperature.
Phrasal Verb:
age out Informal
To reach an age, 18 or 21 years, for example, at which one is no longer eligible for certain special services, such as education or protection, from the state.
come of age
To reach maturity.

[Middle English, from Old French aage, from Vulgar Latin *aetāticum, from Latin aetās, aetāt-, age; see aiw- in Indo-European roots.]

ag′er n.


anything that produces the effects of age on another thing
References in classic literature ?
That is if you're through telling me about my affairs," for Ned, who had formerly worked in the Shopton bank, had recently been made general financial man- ager of the interests of Tom and his father.
He did not make bricks--why, there was a physical impossibility in the way--as I was well aware; and if he did secretarial work for the man- ager, it was because 'no sensible man rejects wantonly the confidence of his superiors.
Measles, rheumatics, hooping-cough, fevers, agers, and lumbagers,' said Mr Squeers, 'is all philosophy together; that's what it is.
Further, Athene will remain a minority shareholder in AGER along with other global investors including affiliates of Apollo Global Management LLC (NYSE:APO).
A court heard Ager paid off his mortgage with the proceeds and bought a series of luxury cars, including a Jaguar, Range Rover and an Audi A6.
In November 2014, the payment was received into the other firm's account and an email was sent by Ager to the company purporting to show a third party was owed PS354,618.
Ager, of Rock Avenue, Nailsea, Somerset, was said to have been dismissed from his job with BBC Finance and to have paid back PS30,000 of the money from his pension fund.
Ager, of Rock Avenue, Nailsea, Somerset, was said to have been dismissed from his job and to have paid back PS30,000 of the money from his pension fund.
The well-known shop - one of the city's oldest retailers - has traded in Coventry for more than 150 years and has been headed by six generations of the Ager family.
Keen recycler Mrs Ager phoned her council depot - and was told the bin had been left with its handles facing the wall rather than the road and the binmen could not pick it up.
Mrs Ager said: "I've put it out this way for three years and no one told me there was a 'correct' way - it's so silly.
Alan's son John, 51, and daughter-in-law Ann, 48, were convinced Ager was a thief.