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n. pl. ag·gior·na·men·tos
The process of bringing an institution or organization up to date; modernization.

[Italian, from aggiornare, to update : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + giorno, day (from Latin diurnus, daily; see diurnal).]


n, pl -ti (-ti)
RC Church the process of bringing up to date methods, ideas, etc


(əˌdʒɔr nəˈmɛn toʊ)

n., pl. -ti (-tē).
the act of bringing something up to date to meet current needs.
[1960–65; < Italian, =aggiorna(re) to revise, update + -mento -ment]
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Thus the two procedures, retrieval (ressourcement) and updating to meet pastoral needs in the new contexts of the modern world (the aggiornamento that Pope John XXIII called for when convoking the council), featured right in the introduction to the first document promulgated by Vatican II.
To understand the significance of Pope John's summoning a general council, one must put aside the appropriation of the term aggiornamento by radical revisionists who used it to question every aspect of Catholic life.
In a way, it is the validity of mediaeval Catholicism that is the substance of the debate over the meaning of Pope John XXIII's programme of aggiornamento ("updating").
The second trajectory, drawing on a historically conscious neo-Thomism that privileges the theological task of aggiornamento, gave greater weight to the proper autonomy of the created order and balanced the church's mission to proclaim the gospel with its obligation to respectful dialogue.
In that sense, Benedict's ecology is less a matter of aggiornamento than ressourcement--not an innovation but a return to the sources.
With the two terms ressourcement ("return to the sources") and aggiornamento ("updating"), we come to the issues of "history" and "historical consciousness.
Despite the fact that Sacrosanctum concilium opens by invoking aggiornamento, ressourcement is the idea much more responsible for its provisions.
As a liberal Catholic, he was eager for aggiornamento in the church, a less repressive, sexually liberated egalitarian society and a "religionless Christianity.
Indeed, as the Society began remarkably to appropriate the aggiornamento of the council in its general congregations from the 31st onward, under the new and (I deeply believe) sainted leadership of Pedro Arrupe, we were called officially and authoritatively to recognize that a community of loved sinners can only be faithful if it seeks the unloved, stands with those who have been shunned, lives but also learns in solidarity with the poor.
s insights on inculturation, social change, spirituality, solidarity, aggiornamento, and pastoral renewal, particularly as they contribute to the process of ecclesiogenesis.
12) How Vatican II developed shows the importance of these two ideas for the debates on the Church, aggiornamento, and the modern world.
We have now settled enough into aggiornamento that a few Latin Masses should not be a threat to anyone.