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Noun1.aggrandisement - the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something; "the aggrandizement of the king"; "his elevation to cardinal"
step-up, increase - the act of increasing something; "he gave me an increase in salary"
ego trip, self-aggrandisement, self-aggrandizement - an act undertaken to increase your own power and influence or to draw attention to your own importance
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has been for years deluded and plundered, in every conceivable manner, to the pecuniary aggrandisement of the avaricious, false, and grasping - HEEP.
He gave her to understand that her noble ambition found harmonious echoes in his heart; and bestowed his blessing on her, as a child brimful of duty and good principle, self-devoted to the aggrandisement of the family name.
However, the scheme proposed by the previous parish council was intended more for the aggrandisement of the council itself, in that it could boast of owning its own premises.
The means are the sacrifice of many, the end, the bloated aggrandisement of the few.
I don't profess to be an expert on international relations but found his article to be a one-sided diatribe in support of a Ukrainian government that originally came to power in dubious circumstances and who, for their own financial aggrandisement, have no interests in wider democratic ideals for either citizens in West Ukraine or in the aggrieved Eastern & South East Regions.
This is plausible but unproven, although the earliest legendary, literary and historical chronicles of our civilisation are of wars conducted by recognisably modern men motivated by aggrandisement or greed or ego.
Following on from the Friargate folly and the intention to demolish a very useable south side of the city centre for the sake of its own aggrandisement it would appear that closing the city centre IS the council's aim.
Rathermore they were concerned with self aggrandisement, the lining of their own pockets at the expense of the public and the elevation of the State to a level which made it personally and politically unaccountable to the public.
Fitments, such as paint, big core board, coating, stone, aggrandisement wood floor and so on, contain toxic and harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde.
But once the elections are over our leaders get busy with self- aggrandisement.
Instead of trying to protect our libraries, our enormously successful arts organisations, Forbes, for his own political aggrandisement, is trying to cut as much as possible.
According to the four volumes report, prior to 2009 when the pioneer Board of Trustees (BoT) was formed by Orji, 'the administration of the fund was an all-comers affair and used for self and political aggrandisement.